Class Type - Edinburgh Callanetics

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All classes are 100% Pure Callanetics.

No class in this studio is ‘fused’ with any other exercise programme.

Unless specified, all classes are 1 hour of Classic Callanetics.
This is a 30-minute programme designed to target problem areas concentrating on the hips, buttocks, thighs and cellulite. This class will lift the buttocks narrow hips, reduce thigh and knee size and smooth out cellulite.
Although I originally started using Swiss balls 20 years ago for students with back and joint pain and still do, if used in a different way, these modifications can become intensifications!

I decided to create a complete Callanetics Class using a different ball with each exercise.

The Ball Class is challenging but you can still participate even if you have joint problems, your teacher will modify accordingly.
As a teacher, for over 20 years, I have always’ mixed ‘up my personal Callanetics training. I would train steadily, 3 Callanetics classes per week for several weeks then I would train intensely for 10 days consecutively using a different Callanetics combination each day then back to 3 Callanetics classes per week and then 10-day intensity and so on.

I called this 10-day intense programme THE BODY BLITZ.
I decided to introduce this programme to my students.
The results are amazing! It is hard work but worth it.
You will re shape and lose inches, your bust and buttocks will lift, you can easily drop a dress size without weight loss.
Your posture will improve and you will feel amazing!
Ideal if you have a bikini holiday coming up, need to get into that special dress and the zips too tight! Your jeans zip won’t go up! You simply want to feel better about yourself -quickly!

The BODY BLITZ must be completed within 2 weeks for you to experience the results I want you to achieve.
The Cardio class is an energizing rhythmic workout based on balletic movement. It’s fun, flowing and low impact.

This session is 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of traditional Callanetics toning.
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